Care And Use

At Clutch Gear, we want you to love your products!  To help you love your products, please follow these warnings and instructions.


  • Wash before first use. Do not use bleach or cleaning products containing chlorine. See care and use instructions for more information.
  • Do not microwave. Do not put in oven. Do not freeze. Do not bleach. Doing so will damage the product.
  • Do not overfill. If product has a fill line, do not fill above the fill line. If product does not have a fill line, do not fill above the ridge line inside the product where the gasket rests. Overfilling can lead to spills, scalding and injuries and may damage the product.
  • To prevent spills, ensure the lid is assembled properly and fully tightened before use.  
  • Use caution when filled with hot liquid and keep out of reach of children. Hot liquids can cause scalding and injuries.
  • Use caution when drinking hot liquids directly from your product. If using a bottle or tumbler, please note those are designed for a high flow rate appropriate for drinking cold liquid. Drinking hot liquid can cause scalding and injuries.
  • Do not use sealable products with carbonated or fermented beverages or foods. Doing so may cause pressure to build up and lead to lid failure and spills which can scald or cause forceful ejection of lid and contents which can cause injury.
  • CHOCKING HAZRD: May contain small parts not suitable for children under 3 years. Not intended for babies or young children. 

Care and Use:

  • Clean your products, including the lid and gaskets, frequently to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • Do not use cleaners with bleach, chlorine, bromide, abrasives, or any harsh cleaners.
  • The center cap is threaded and removable from the lid.  Remove the center cap for cleaning.

Hand wash instructions:

  • This is the preferred method to clean your product.
  • Use mild detergent and warm water. 

Dishwashing instructions:

  • Your products are Dishwasher safe but hand washing is highly recommended.
  • Do not wash in commercial strength appliances or on high heat settings. This can lead to vacuum failure and reduced thermal performance. 
  • Remove the center cap from your product and clean separately from the lid.
  • Remove the lid from the product and place product and lid on top shelf. If lid is threaded, clean lid in open position. 
  • Dishwashing may age the appearance of your item faster than hand washing. If preserving the appearance of your item is important to you, we recommend hand washing.


If you have any questions regarding your Clutch Gear product, email our customer service team at or give us a call at 1-877-7-Clutch (1-877-725-8824).